Curious About Your Hamilton Proper Home Value?

These last three years has been unlike anything Indiana has ever seen before. There have been record sales, inventory shortages, and crazy contract terms (one Buyer offered to place money in the Seller's child's college savings plan if they accepted his offer!). It has been like the wild wild west, but there are signs of market stabilization. The Hamilton County real estate market is one of the strongest in the state. So, if you missed the post covid inflated property values craze, you may be surprised to know that although the market isn't as white-hot, it is still VERY STRONG!Hamilton Proper home

If you want to know your home's market value, simply fill out the form. You will appreciate Allen's relaxed, no pressure approach. He knows this is just a first step and that you need honest answers for not only the value of your home but also estimates on closing costs. Once you have these, you can determine an estimate of your equity. Allen has clients who took over five years before they were finally ready to sell. They appreciated his willingness to help with contractor referrals, market updates, and being an overall resource until they were ready to move. You will never feel pressure from Allen and will always receive honest answers and reliable advice.

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